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    Forex Trade Copier
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    Hassle Free Trading
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Easy Process

The ‘art’ of trading foreign currencies against each other is as easy as signing up with a broker.
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Expert Advice

Combining the algorithmic trading and news based trading you can have an accurate forex trading strategy.
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Professional Analysts

We can assure our clients consistent profits and profits of 500-1000 pips per month.
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Hassle Free Trading

This is precisely what Forex Trade Copier provides you, hassle free trading.
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BRINGING YOU SUCCESS IN TRADING: “We achieve 500-1000 pips every month”

Forex Trade Copier "Promise"
our-promise“We want to assure our clients that we manage clients accounts with safety. Unlike many Expert Advisors and managed forex accounts; we do not have large running losses hidden in our performance, our traders main priority is safe trading. Do you want to know why our performance is so good with consistent monthly profit? Because we have a team of highly experienced analysts who constantly analyse the market for any behavioral changes, allowing our expert forex traders to change there strategy accordingly. Any forex strategy which doesn’t change according to the market conditions, like the ones used by amateur traders and expert advisors, is most certainly a losing strategy.”
slider-img02Forex trading is a popular way for novice and seasoned traders to weight their investments against each other—to gain incredible profits. This ‘art’ of trading foreign currencies against each other is as easy as signing up with a broker.

Many forex brokers walk users through the trading process. This includes setting up a trade, waiting for that same trade to expire—and repeating the process over again. Some people might not completely grasp the process, fumbling through their trades using trial and error. Others simply don’t have the time to keep manually entering and executing trades every time they want to participate.

A solution to making regular trades: the Forex Trade Copier

Free-forex-Signals-080114To eliminate the need to re-enter or even submit fresh trades, there’s a little known forex tool known as a forex trade copier. The forex trade copier essentially allows traders to ‘automate their forex trading process,’ which eliminates time spent on manually stimulating the forex market on their end.

Using a forex trade copier, people can pretty much leave all the ‘grunt work’ to the copying software. They can instead keep their attention on their results—and the profits gained from the software’s automated efforts.

Trade Copier Performance
Month Pips Gained Max Drawdown
Mar-14 675 100
Feb-14 511 72
Jan-14 684 95
Dec-13 665 115
Nov-13 780 130
Oct-13 330 112
Sep-13 113 230

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