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Let our Forex Trade Copier Handle Trades for You

“Why sit in front of your computer analyzing trade set ups? You don’t even need to spend your money on other systems that don’t benefit you. Forex trade copiers, like ours, can even help you figure out the right time to buy and/or sell—because we handle all of that right out of the box.
The most you’ll have to handle is setting up the program itself. Forex trade copiers generally deliver forex signals to your managed forex account connected to our system. Each trade that’s made, copied and/or changed on our system gets transferred to your account. This eliminates the need for you to perform any manual actions, since we handle every trade action in real time.”

Our investment service company currently provides the premier Forex Trade Copier Software service. Our software enables customers, like yourself, to receive the same trades on their platform of choice, mirrored right back to their own accounts.

1). Sign up with a forex broker of your choice if you have not already done so.
2). Fund your forex account / or you can forward test on demo account 100% risk free.
3). Download Metatrader 4 platform.
4). Sign up to VPS service of your choice to allow MT4 platform to run continuously 24/7.
5). Subscribe to our forex-tradecopier using paypal or credit card.
6). Receive a welcome message with your log in information and software.
7). Install the forex-tradecopier software and run it on your platform 24/5.
8). Adjust the risk settings on the software
9). Leave the trading to the experts.
10). Monitor your performance and adjust risk, capital, profits and withdrawals to your preference.

Our Risk Management Suggestion:
For best results, with highest safety and optimum profit we suggest using 0.1 lots every $1500 of your account balance.
E.g. for a $10,000 account balance, we suggest using a lot size of 0.66 per trade. This means that the first 30 pips achieved within the trading month will pay for the copier service, and then any profit made after that will be available to you to withdraw without any share of dividend to forex-tradecopier.
Therefore, on an average month of 300 pips, would have netted you  a net profit of $1782 on a $10k account. To increase profits the following month, you can increase the lot size the following month, according to your account balance.

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